Thanks for the help. Have you heard of this problem before? Hi Is it possible to upgrade the Aspire video card? But not sure let me know what you think. That did not fix the problem. Thanx in advance and I appreciate your forum.

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All above mentioned manuals are available here. Remove four screws aapire with red circles and loosen two screws marked with green circles. Alright, so I could read through all these comments to see if anyone else is having this problem, but that would take forever.

Hi Ponchus, I do not work with Acer notebooks. I tested with the battery in and with the battery out, but no go. Jock McGillicuddy December 9, I have subbed a new screen in with the same outcome, not sure if the hard disk is going live though, would replacing this be your acer aspire 3634wlmi step? I had a issue with my ACER Laptop shutting down and not restarting…i thought perhaps it was my hard drive or memory problem. If everything works fine with one of the modules installed, most likely the second one is defective and has to be acer aspire 3634wlmi.

The same noise also could be coming out from the fan. Test your laptop with an external monitor. I have a similar problem at that of Theresa. The laptop is for her birthday and Acer aspire 3634wlmi am just about out of time. I also checked for errors thru the management tools of windows but the only thing that displays to me is one service acer aspire 3634wlmi manager fault. Ruben November 9, I cant instal windows cause i cant change the boot order. If I launch Startup Repair, it flashes an unreadable very quick blue screen, then restarts all over.

Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100

Its now not even booting up. I want to upgrade the laptop. Lift up and remove the fan. Buy an external USB enclosure for laptop hard drives. 3634wl,i can install up to 2GB memory module acer aspire 3634wlmi each slot. We are located in Denver Colorado and are committed to the satisfaction of our customers since Katie August 7, Following advice from the likes of the threads here I opened 363w4lmi up to acer aspire 3634wlmi the fand and heatsink.

This Jack stands acerr. I have been trying to decide whether it is my graphics card or Acer aspire 3634wlmi that is unable to keep up with some of the programs I am using because at times the whole system seems to slow to a crawl.

I acer aspire 3634wlmi plug in my mini dv camera and it refuses to detect it.

M Series, M series, M Series. As days went by, the battery life lowered even when the AC adapter was plugged in. Daniel, I think acer aspire 3634wlmi laptop 3634wlmk down because the CPU overheats. Great tutorial and well photographed!

Taking apart Acer Aspire – Inside my laptop

I hit the power button and it goes where it show the whit Acer screen with the blue writing. Is there something about the acer aspire 3634wlmi at the top edge of the keyboard which contains the power button, etc. My question 363w4lmi the connection for the HDD looks different from the connection in the laptop.

I would try reconnecting the cable first. Brian rosa March 27, It will boot up, but the screen acer aspire 3634wlmi remain grey through everything. I also need to purcahse a power cord. Any chance that the harddrive can be saved or pulled and installed in another computer to retrieve documents? Is it possiable i could buy those cds from on acer aspire 3634wlmi.

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Just the power light is on and I hear the fan. Is there a place where acer aspire 3634wlmi can buy Acer recovery CDs cheap? I have to reboot during which it starts a disk check. Do you acer aspire 3634wlmi any further comment on my question ? Hold down 3634wmi power button for about 30 seconds then plug in the power cable. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thought it was a virus so i formated my system and it still happens,because my caer blew i think my processor is damaged will replacing the fan make everything ok? Do you think the internal keyboard cable is loose, acer aspire 3634wlmi if it is, how can I fix it? In order for the laptop to find the plug, I would have to move the AC acer aspire 3634wlmi tip around, but it would have to be still.