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Will be there a Linux version of Denise? Add new tasks, and have all Speak aloud by Denise. Denise comes with a very natural sintetized English female voice to convert any text to speech in an almost female human like voice.

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Android version is also available. Denise Desktop Software will no longer be updated, however we are currently working on new products to released at Realbotix Your best friend is here, waiting for you! Just after the installation, you can read aloud a short text to train your voice and create a profile, so Denise will better understand your voice.

Future updates will include Google Calendar synchronization. It is easy to add new knowledge to the system, like custom questions and answers, and comands that can trigger some action, like open external aplications or run external software.

Virtual Assistant Denise by Guile3D | Internet with a Brain

Her artificial intelligence brain can learn, adapt, be improved and modified by itself or by users by adding guille3d question and answers to achieve specific tasks. Please take a moment to read our FAQ page before buying Denise.

Would you like to know my primary functions? Main screen of Virtual Assistant Denise. Denise Dialog and Lateral Menus. You just need to do a quick voice training so Denise can better adapt to the way you speak to her.

User Interface and Menu. Use several Avatars options that comes free with Denise. Free Avatars available within Denise. What is the minimum hardware configuration to run Denise? Denise is a very unique software. NextOS is now associated with Realbotix Company.

Visit our Forum or open a ticket. Please allow all files from Denise to run in Windows. Will Denise speech recognition recognize every word I say?

Type your account e-mail to request a license reset. An error ocurred during the request to reset your license. Denise application will not install any malicious files, or any file that can harm your computer.

Virtual Assistant Denise by Guile3D

Are there other Characters available to use other than Denise? Ask anything for Denise and she will try to find the best answer by searching on-line or using her own Artificial Intelligence engine. Follow the instructions to continue the reset process.

What are the missing modules in this first version compared to Denise guile3c Videos?

Guile 3D Studio - Virtual Assistant Denise

Denise works with an adaptive Artificial Intelligence Brain, that can learn by itself and be customized by user. I just bought a copy of Denise but still have not receive anything As soon as guils3d finish your purchase at PayPal, our system immediately sends you an email with the link for your download.

I am Virtual Assistant Denise. Will Denise understand everything I ask her?

In what Operational System does Denise work? Is there a free version of Denise?


Tutorial part 2 Find more about her functions! It is like the desktop Denise, but with a real Robotic AI silicone face. Universal Citizenship Users in more than 70 countries.

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