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By hoda, at Jun 3, What do you mean write code? By Jason Rennie, at Mar 27, May I modify your program for add more functionalities like analize texts and images and take desitions and run other line of clicks and hits of keyboard.

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So, what are the issues you are facing? First off thank you for such a great program.

By adriya, at Oct 12, I recordet my answer, plus other things I hadn't thought about before. By Francis, at Jan 31, When you call the script batch does any error appears or the open file dialog just pops up instantly? By luccie, at Apr 25, On my Dell Laptop it now seems to lose connection to the mouse functions. This program allows you to easily play the recorded steps made when installing or working with a certain application.

Your email address will not be published. Then I tried this command line in my batch file: By Shynet, at Nov 15, By jm, at Oct 1, By Shynet, at Jul 25, Open up your script and click on "Go to editor". By qudama, at May 28, By Tecorder, at Nov 7, By PeterG, at Feb 9, Then press "OK" to accept it.

By Takila, at Oct 31, Edit menu - Events - Custom remove - Useless mouse positions System. By RfDjalma, at Mar 6, I have replied to your last email.

Mouse Recorder Pro 2 Free Download

Im not sure how they detect third party programs, but it would make our life easier if you can add some mechanic to prevent this. Diana, check if you have Microsoft.

In such circumstance, reinstalling Mouse Recorder Pro 2 2. Hi, But could you consider to add event script to be repeated: Also, I find it annoying to have to set the "Times to play scrip" option to 0 every time I open the program.

By carlos, at Apr 14, Windows Users' choice Mouse recorder pro 2 download for pc Mouse recorder pro 2 download for pc Most people looking for Mouse recorder pro 2 for pc downloaded: Instead of having a battle over control of the computer to press stop.

Currently there is no plan to add more language It seems to move reclrder inch or less from where its supposed to go. Caso no, is there any program accept this? By burhan, at May 11, A new detail, when i try to macro again, he dont "copy" the moves who i do with the event view opened, he just cont alot of deley time, so i try to add manually a few events, and in the benning works, but after he just read and stay stoped.

Does not trigger the Jing application with its sub-icon menu.

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