Lietuviskas repas

Song of the Year. Pop of the Year. Band of the Year. Pop Band or Artist of the Year. Our aim is to gather all the best artists and singers to one place, show up best pieces of their last year work.

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And altogether to organize a really top level event in Lithuania. Breakthrough of the Year. Alternative Band, Artist of the Year.

Award posthumously can be presented only if the candidate dies after the opening of the voting procedure.

The nominees shall be selected in the following order: Electronics of the Year.

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Pop Band or Artist of the Year. At least 5 nominees shall pretend to one nomination. Music Video of the Year.

If it is impossible to collect one 5 nominees for one nomination, the nomination shall not be announced that year. The Board shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted by the following organizations. Album of the Year. Rock of the Year.

Has performed at least one original composition, which has received high response in the public or playing style that satisfies a circle of listeners: All the performances, that will be shown during the ceremony, are already being created and tested with most innovative light and sound equipment.

Pop of the Year. Alternative of the Year.

Lithuanian Music Merit Award. Approved list of nominees to each nomination shall be placed on the website of official awards within limited access area by 8 December Meeting of the Board shall be considered valid if attended by more than one half of the Board members.

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The nominees may not withdraw their candidacy. Information on the winners shall be considered to be confidential until their announcement during the official awards ceremony. Members of the Board shall be subject to sanctions as defined by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania for the disclosure of the information before the official announcement during the ceremony.

In that case, his award shall be presented to the relatives or other representatives.

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These rules may be amended by the decision of the Board. Daddy was a Milkman.

Each commission member shall have only one vote in each nomination. Rules Description of Nominees M. TV3 Play populiariausias muzikinis klipas. The commission formed by the Board shall not have a chance to record their own candidates, or otherwise supplement the list of loetuviskas.

During the award ceremony — many of the styles will be awarded — including pop, rock, hip-hop, electronic dance music and others. News Recent news featuring M. Balsavimo komisijos aktyvumas M.

The Board shall approve the list of nominees to all nominations by the final vote. Lietuvis,as of the Year. One nominee shall be elected during the internal voting.

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