Shaheedi 400

Posted May 22, And Tigerstyle are dedicated to the cause they are making the tracks for - I doubt they'd go against their own word. Sign up for a new account in our community. Posted May 23, Great stuff by IP, excellent work.

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Posted April 26, Would doing Simran all day, everyday, in a dark room, guarantee you to Heaven?

I hsaheedi born in the UK however had an education in India for 6 years and even I had to listen carefully to fully understand the lyrics. With Guru Kirpa hopefully alot of ppl will learn alot about shaheedi sacrifices through modern day dharmak music, and it makes a positive change compared to the usual Asian stuff they listen to.

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Remix - Shaheedi 400- скачивай и слушай mp3 бесплатно

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. I understand punjabi but not fully. Sign in Already have an account? I only have one request for further improvement. Posted April 29, It's not like they're still doing it. Already have an account?

Sikh Player - Album - Shaheedi Saint Soldier

Great stuff by IP, excellent work. GuestKaur2what do u think kiddo. Register a new account. Posted April 28, By mahandulai Started 27 minutes ago.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Translations for Shaheedi - Saint Soldier are now available in shsheedi download section of the Shaheedi sub-site.

It's great you're using the jaago vale jathaplease keep this up as I know for a fact these guys are the most knowledgeable on our shaeeds from My dad who is over 50 loves these tracks an loves listenin 2 them. The beginning of the first album clearly states that the people behind production would appreciate it if it was shxheedi played in any clubs or gigs.

Shaheedi - Saint Soldier - Page 4 - WHAT'S HAPPENING? - SIKH SANGAT

Do Nirmale Sants have an influence on Taksali leaders? All the tunes by immortal productions are catchy an u jaust want to keep on listening over n over.

That I cannot believe. Whybecause most of the zhaheedi is Sikhs born in the western world and they need to understand clearly who the songs are about, the story of the shaheeds need to be told before the song. Plus the t-shirts and hoodies are now available at www.

400 Guru Sahib give you even more inspiration and strength on this much needed sewa for upcoming Sikh generations in the western world. If someone took out all their time to do simran, all day, for the rest of their lives, ignoring everything else in the world, including eating, and sleeping, and talking to family, would this make them a ahaheedi sikh?

Important Information Terms of Use. This is wikid stuff!!! If i read the translation and listen to the track again i will be able to understand it!

Shaheedi 400 - Saint Soldier

The rest being in punjabi is OK which may trigger one's brain to find out a bit more and further understanding of punjabi. I was wondering how well this cd is doing.

That might be extreme BS but we have our own solution which is Immortal Productions may Guru Ji give you further strength in your tangible objective.

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