Check whether the critical temperature of the reservoir fluid is too high or too low. Instead of tuning to all PVT data, the tuning can be limited to Saturation point of reservoir fluid at reservoir temperature. So, we need to add more components to the list and to assign H2S to zero since we don't have H2S in the real data.

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You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Critical point of reservoir fluid. Read Previous Tech Talks.

PVTsim Nova was launched May as a new generation of the PVTsim software package that has been continuously developed since the first version was released in The pressure is reduced in steps at ptsim temperature and the change in volume is measured. It is a further requirement to have access to a multi-fluid common EoS characterization procedure as described by Pedersen et al. From Fluid menu choose Enter new fluid. The key function modules of PVTsim are: The studies may cover the effect of injection gas in the reservoir for EOR purposes as well as the risk and mitigation of solid precipitation in wells and pipelines.

PVTsim Nova

Popular Ribbon interface with flexible operation, easy to create, edit and export the fluid samples and simulation results. It is a requirement that swelling data exists and the swelling experiments have been continued until the saturation point changes from a bubble point to a dew point as sketched in Figure 1. Please download it and save in any folder in your PC. For our case we should build a new Unit system the common unites in PVT.

The reservoir fluid is kept in a cell at reservoir temperature and saturation point pressure. An alternative to matching the critical point of the reservoir fluid itself is to match the critical composition on the swelling curve.

Decide on an appropriate lumping scheme. The reservoir fluid is kept in a cell at the reservoir temperature. The observed difference in critical point on the swelling curve in Figure 4 leads back to the difference in critical point in Figure 1. The pressure is reduced stepwise and all the liberated gas is displaced and flashed to standard conditions. Otherwise go to v. Users browsing this forum: Services International experts in EOS modeling Calsep undertakes fluid modeling studies assessing all stages of production.

PVTsim Nova - Calsep

The data tuned to is the saturation pressure at reservoir temperature and an assumed critical temperature selected in accordance with v. It is too low if the liquid dropout curve increases too little with decreasing pressure. This software is the most advanced PVT modeling in the market.

One ptvsim the most challenging EoS modeling tasks is to develop a common EoS model for multiple fluids with gas injection. High simulation accuracy with regression vptsim. Regression results a better match between the simulation and lab data. The above procedure can be expected to give a good match, not only of the data tuned to, but of all routine and EOR PVT data existing for the fluids to be represented by a common EoS model. The end point is measured at standard conditions.


It is too high if the liquid dropout curve of pvysim fluid from the last swelling stage increases too steeply with decreasing pressure. That is the reason a tedious parameter tuning can be avoided by directing the tuning towards the critical point of the reservoir fluid. Pgtsim reservoir fluid is kept in a cell at reservoir conditions. Use the characterization procedure of Pedersen et al. Calsep undertakes projects with application for reservoir simulation, flow assurance, and process simulation.

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