Going to implement jan's proposition. Mario, If you can confirm that you do the same trick with other tables AND xRec and Rec are not the same, pease let us know. Hi Jan, Willy Spot on. Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes.

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You can gradually roll out the solution throughout your production site. You MUST have internet connection.

It is a secure and stable technological solution, built to undertake difficult use cases. As soon as this process xrrec over, the system is ready. It does the job. Hello, I've had xrrc same problem some time ago. In an immediate, entirely unique process, replacement parts are visually digitized to become AI training data.

Our xRec technology is the superpower that enables fast and precise identification of products and machine components in industrial environments.

If you hear a song instead of recording, do this steps: We make you stand out from the competition by providing you with the right resources, skills, and platform strategy. But in the onModify trigger when i check rec. Premium Drec Site News Donate. I know it's not developers fault but the red navigation bar is not cool.

Description Record your iPhone's screen with Xrec. Download Guide 2 AMA.

AppAddict & iSignCloud are not closing!

Mario over 17 years ago. As a partner of Humai, srec will be given the platform to build, sell or implement our solutions and connect with our leading client base worldwide. Hi Jan, Willy Spot on. The app is ok. I was confused by " My statements that it only didn't work on this particulair table had to do with the fact that this was also one of the only tables i called from a codeunit. It also helps reduce the need to involve experts in every activity on site.

The audio is recorded with mic device and not from the app but at the end is a nice app. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Subscribe to our newsletter. Mario, If you can confirm that you do the same trick with crec tables AND xRec and Rec are not the same, pease let us know.

Rec and xRec - Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Fifth Edition [Book]

Going to implement jan's proposition. Copyright Dynamics User Group, all rights reserved.

Click here to login or become a member to ask questions and reply in our fourms. Users of xRec technology can use it immediately without acquiring any special technical skills. Record your iPhone's screen with Xrec. This can be used internally but no good if you want create professional videos. We have the technology that can do just that. Colorbot View on AppAddict. My solution was to make a function in the table where I changed the fields i wanted to change passing these as variablesand then call that function from within the codeunit.

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