Psp pro b10 6.39

I tried everything and nothing happened. After that you can update to 6. I have a psp , running 5. I just have 2 questions. Thats how I have backed up all my games anyway.

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Search titles only Posted by Member: This allows pdo to easily carry around more than one game, and helps to save your PSP's battery as it does not need to power the UMD drive when playing games. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I'm having issues downloading them directly to my PSP hangs up on activating. If you can not permanently flash custom firmware: I now have 6. All working great here on my PSP Fat too.

I'll do spp upgrade tomorrow morning and see if I luck out.

Thanks I updated as the firmware appears good from what you have said and what I read on Google. I'm typing that from memory but im pretty sure thats all i did. Haven't updated my B01 in a while. We can see that my PSP is a 1. Extract the downloaded file and follow this: Separate names with a comma.

If you can permanently flash custom firmware: Either download them in said format or convert them. So i would just like to know whats the right program for it?

Make sure na nakainferno driver yung PSP mo. KrAzY3 Nov 29, Hi, a NOOB here so bear me for a moment.

Install or use custom firmware on any PSP [PSP, PSP Slim, PSP , PSP Go] | Digiex

Ok Guys, cfw working fine, iso's also working fine, But i want to install some Mame games on the psp, I installed Mame4all, it starts up ok, but cant find the roms. They said that I have to be in CFW mode for me to go in recovery mode psl I am not even sure if its already in hacked mode meaning the Fast Recovery was ran before the PSP restarted because it was already four months. Davee for his v1 register leak address discovery used in Power-Argument-Patching.

It goes in an Initial Setup where I have to Set the time and date.

Thanks for the post InsaneNutter, saves me having to do the research myself again. InsaneNutterJul 17, It just black screened and I had to take out the battery again. TreborJul 20, With regards to ripping a PSP game i totally forgot that i did a tutorial for this, see here: Will there be any permanent patch for my PSP in near future?

The instructions are indicated in the post on how to install LCFW so you can play downloaded copies of games. Bawal dito eh hehe.

Connect PSP running 6.39 pro-b10 to PS3

Yes but 6.3 will need to update to the required 6. InsaneNutterMar 2, But, when I updated to 6. If not, and I have to update the a higher firmware and use the higher LCFW, is there anything keeping me from downgrading later? Hmm, okie doke — thanks for replying.

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