After taking ownership of three folders related to drivers on system32, I was able to get the easycap working. Any idea which free video editing software would do the job? It also states within the help file that it is not compatible with Vista, Win7 or 8. Both the power cord and the VGA cord should be plugged into the adapter. Because the polyfuses have been removed, back feeding of the PI, by applying power via its normal USB output, can damage D 17 if triggered by an over-voltage, and so lead to consequential over-heating.

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The product called EasyCap DC v3.

RPi VerifiedPeripherals – 01

Genuine EasyCap DC60 v2. How to open the shell without any damages: Download VLC from here: I didnt find any driver for it. Take a look at here: I tried work with it, but the picture is always vibrating.

What is easycap dc60 – stk1160 chipset next step? As always with board modifications, YMMV. I would have never though to use my phone!

Your email address will not be published. There is DVI-I, which is a connector with both analog pins and digital pins.

Nothing has worked for me on Windows 8. Eaeycap Carlo, got back home last night, will have a play on the workstation tomorrow once I do the W10 upgrade.

In my unqualified opinion, if it works to convert my precious VHS then its worth spreading the news. I see many people saying thanks but I have never been told what I can do to get the software. I got this version with Windows 10 but when I install it it tells me to connect the video device and wait for installation?

Have tried easycap dc60 – stk1160 chipset on my Win 10 system without success. Device information at http: There are no applications in the folder that I see.

However, I got the same yellow exclamation mark once I plugged the EasyCap. Anyway, thanks a lot for your artical! I down loaded these drivers and the device is working perfectly. Visser, which one of the links goes to this copy?

Check what your device outputs and match it, or just go through the dozen-or-so options. I have problems when try to see the video that I transferred easycap dc60 – stk1160 chipset my PC ,the image quality is not good, any suggestion? Screens – attaching a screen to the Raspberry Pi.

EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

Other Peripherals – all sorts of peripherals used with the Raspberry Cnipset. If it is unable to find the VGA resolution it will not work.

Thanks for this where can one receive the Serial number? I have the Easycap with Empia chip.

Drivers | EasycapExpertti – Expert of video capturing

As a consequence the USB ports are only directly suitable for “single current unit” USB devices which, according to USB specifications, are designed to work with easycap dc60 – stk1160 chipset 4. Somehow such a video card outputs analog signal on the otherwise purely digital HDMI connector, that seems to be the only way for it to work.

Do you have any update for this? Thanks for this page!! Thank you for hosting this site. cgipset

The software does not allow us to change the video aspect and as a result we end up with a picture that stretches from top to bottom of screen, but is only about 30cm wide when we try to playback on our bigscreen Easycap dc60 – stk1160 chipset. Video is OK, but no luck with the audio. However, I cannot find appropriate drivers for these next two:.