Sayaw darling

Here are some pics from the show: Subscribe in a reader. Backstage, waiting for the Bigat10 game to start The game show set-up:

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Eventually they got to the TFC section. The game show set-up: As of MarchRevillame recently marked his homecoming in GMA Network his original home networklong-awaited saayaw to Philippine showbiz and to Philippine television via his newest weekly-variety program Wowowinairing on GMA Network every Sunday afternoon since May 10, Craig In The Philippines.

Willie Revillame Sayaw Darling Karaoke

My Swiss opponent was on the ball and got her hand down immediately and went away with the P10, Finally, datling was Bigaten time. Jeepneys Comments of an Enthusiastic Human about Confession A few days after getting to my training site back in May, I noticed a show on television that immediately captivated me with its overwhelming mixture of singing, dancing, karaoke, and quiz show.

One of the farling of the show, Pokwang, who looks like a drag queen but is apparently actually a woman, ssayaw up and hugged me while dancing and puckering her lips. Then Sayaw Darling started, with the host Willie going around to each section and selecting the Bigaten.

Staff went around the TFC section with microphones so people could give shout-outs to their family and friends.

Sayaw Darling!!! Animated Gifs | Photobucket

And it would be pretty hard to hide money won on national television. Share this video with your family and friends.

It was really small! Hosts Mariel, Pokwang, and Valerie, the podium, and my competitors Pre-show, hanging out on darlinng set David and I with one of the Wowowee dancers. After the show was cancelled to make way for his big break in Magandang Tanghali Bayanhe also started appearing in Richard Loves Lucy.

I just wanted to watch in person. Hosts Mariel, Pokwang, and Valerie, the podium, and my competitors. To learn more than I could tell you, or wish to type, click here [ http: So on Friday, October 12, my friend David and I took the light rail out to studio and met the family.

The content of this blog is exclusively mine and does not necessarily reflect the views of the United States government or Peace Corps. In October, as I was making preparations to go to Manila for a meeting, I mentioned to some friends in the Municipal Hall that I hoped to attend Wowowee while there.

Subscribe in a reader. The initial segment ended and all the Bigaten were taken backstage to have the rules of the game we would participate in explained.

We were all lined up to face the winner of the previous segment in a 1-onon-1 tournament — two Bigaten at a time versus the one earlier winner.

One girl said that her uncle worked for the Movie and Television Review and Control Board, which apparently has connections to get in to any TV show or movie, so a process of text messages between many involved parties was set in motion, culminating with an appointment for me to meet her uncle at the ABS-CBN studio in Quezon City on the morning of the show.

The first pair went up, and then it was my turn. In short, Wowowee is a darlong show watched in millions of households in the Philippines six days a week.

Sayaw Darling

I texted everybody in my phone book to watch us on the show, because I was fairly certain we would get darrling camera time — whenever any non-Filipino person is in the crowd, they are constantly panned to. However, I was completely distracted by everything that was going on, was unsure about winning the money, and, in all honesty, was slow on the draw even if I had tried really hard.

When we got into the studio, it was eayaw than it looks on TV, as studios always are, but I was amazed by the camera tricks that are played.

I decided early on that I would like to make an appearance on the show at some point in my tenure here. View my complete profile. Newer Post Older Post Home. It was a very simple dance, and they darllng emphasized puckering your lips while doing it.

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