Meant to say it is still legible but is very noticable and distracting. Replaced with new inverter, also no luck. The new screen kind of works. I replaced my lcd screen in my Dell Inspiron , but the screen cycles through colors of red, blue, green, and white. Besides same attitue Toshibe center has, they want to sell whole LCD screen for about USD when i told only backlight need to replace as other repairment diagnosed at distance, Toshiba center is even unaware or pretending as unaware there is even backlight lamb…so kind of ridiculus bussines going on here. Although its not used very often. Then, about a week later, I opened the lid one morning and the picture stayed on for maybe four or five days!

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Troubleshooting backlight failure | Laptop Repair

Maybe start amil a fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2010 screen? I installed a new inverter board a few months ago and it still blinks white with the background still there. The final and resisting light loss happened while i am using computer, the vision sudenly gone, and screen can be hardly seen with carefull look. I have an Acer Aspire with the following behaviour:.

Joseph October 29, I might touch it and when turned on the laptop the pixel in LCD damaged. Do you have a lid close switch somewhere on the laptop?

Troubleshooting backlight failure

I can barely see the sceen on dimmed mode. I closed it and left it until today. Lessie September 1, Try reconnecting the video cable just in case. The old screen has a slot on each side of the adapter.

Thank fully external monitor works. My customer complained that the laptop LCD screen is black but the laptop works with an external monitor. Make sure the connector on the backlight lamp is similar to the connector on your LCD screen.

This tells me that you might have a problem with the video connector on the motherboard. Replace the inverter fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2010 and most likely it will fix siemenx laptop.

I feel sure I have the correct screen I did my home work and sent the compony I bought it from all the info and even called to make sure everything matched up. Can you advise me please?

Would that be the inverter or the backlight? Maybe the cable got disconnected from the motherboard when you dropped the laptop. Looks like LCD screen failure to me. Thanks for the great article with useful advises which is growing already 8 years! Last year the LCD light began flickering and I could hear a faint fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2010 noise.


Nihad September 18, I would be very grateful. Any help would be great! Can you get the video if you move the video cable? My son hit the laptop screen from the back and the original one shattered.

Maybe is anything broken in it, like the backlight lamp or the video cable? In this setup the video signal still goes to the old screen and you still should see a faint image on the old screen, but the inverter board will provide power for the backlight lamp inside the new screen. Rene August 17, Sienens fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2010 much appreciated.

Hannah May 30, Cassandra August 16,