But actually no tuning takes place. The lower left part of the main window displays the properties of the currently selected transponder list. The program prevents moving transponders to a list of different type e. H to the selected transponder list.

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Performing a manual device detection may also be necessary after a driver update, if TransEdit cannot address the device anymore. But have in mind that it may slow down scanning in general. Select All selects the whole content of the list. A sub-menu allows to assign one of the groups A What I suggest to try: Transponder List Editor The main window provides a convenient way to create, edit and update transponder lists, that enable fast and accurate scanning.

If this option is switched off, Extended Event Descriptors show up in the Analyzer tree view, but not their content.

Additionally TransEdit recalculates the number of parameter variations, for each parameter separately and the resulting total number the product of all single variationswhich helps to estimate how much time the complete blind scan will take.

I checked TransEdit's graph with GraphEdit remote connect. If this checkbox is ticked, the faulty packets are passed on to the Analyzer's PID list, the Hex Dump window and the recorder.

Applies to all scan results in the list that are already present in the DVBViewer channel list light blue background, also partially. The commands are available as buttons on the right side of the Scanner Window and in the context menu that appears after right-clicking the list of scan results.

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Maybe Q driver is incompatible with your Internal Netowrk Provider. The command is only available if TransEdit has detected such entries while scanning.

Maybe they are only temporarily tdansedit, because they are not receivable due to bad weather conditions or other reasons.

If this field is missing e. In the list they are displayed in blue.


The Group Drop-down List assigns one of the channel groups A It performs a high-speed search and displays the results in a detailed list, that can be sorted in different ways. Posted June 23, Clears the list of scan results by deleting all entries. It is not possible to export the scan results since important parameters like frequency, symbol rate etc. Opens the TS Analyzer Windowthat lists all streams that are available on the selected transponder, tgansedit the complete content of all broadcasted SI Service Information tables as treeview.

TransEdit - Scanner Window

Update channel names in the DVBViewer channel list: If the selected resp. Read Extended Event Descriptions: Trasedit actually no tuning takes place. Please check attached screenshots for both versions.

Looks like TIF is necessary for Q. It also appears in the drop-down list when selecting a transponder list for scanning in DVBViewer. When determining characteristics are missing — particularly in analyzed TS files with incomplete service information - TransEdit will assume DVB by default.

The Filters sub-menu lists all DirectShow components that are used for playback. The main window provides a convenient way to create, edit and update transponder lists, that enable fast and accurate scanning. The default transediit is the name of the transponder list that has been used tramsedit scanning, but you may also.

The process can be stopped by clicking the Stop Button in the Scanner Window or closing it.

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