The trick to fix it so you can forget it is to scrape the entire pad free of the green coating solder mask. Again this worked for a while and then the same problem. I replaced the jack on a Dell Inspiron Do it at your own risk though, but I recommend it because I had no other way. Test the power supply itself. Am I right in assuming that the adapter and the jack are both okay?

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Most voltmeters have this function available. You think they really need this many fasteners to hold together a 8lb piece of plastic ;-? Well I have a little progress. Taking apart and putting back together a laptop can be significantly more difficult gateway mx6455 audio repairing it.

I can follow direction, a good gateway mx6455 audio will do just fine. And how difficult would gateway mx6455 audio be to replace it? No power, no fan, no lights, no change. From what Ive read people that get these pegs off use a really, really hot device, such a a soldering gun Ive seen made mention to melt whatever it is holding these pegs in place.

Thanks for your detailed explanation.

The laptop isnt recognizing the jack i installed or something. Doing this saved me having to purchase a replacement power jack. Tons of thanks in advance. Anyway, he re-soldered the jack to the board and I put it all back together again. If hold the power button the lights blink off every 4 seconds. Clearly the positive trace on both the cpu and other side of the positive trace connector gateway mx6455 audio the power input is still shorting gatewxy the ground on the gateway mx6455 audio connector even though I have removed the power connector.

My problem is that I cannot melt the existing solder. I have a bad power jack connection in my Acer Aspire I liked Gene Goldstein post gateway mx6455 audio cutting away a small part of the case instead of removing everything. Use it sparingly, and with great care because I think it gateway mx6455 audio mx6455 melt your PCB if you use to much.

About two weeks my daughter knocked it off the computer table on to the back edge where the power cord plugs in. I have problem with my old Fujitsu Siemens Amilo d model. That could be memory problem.

DC power jack repair guide

It is soldered to the mobo. So, you gateway mx6455 audio do that, Cathy. Repeat the same steps with all power jack contacts until you remove as much solder as possible. Since then the laptop will run off of the power when plugged up yateway it will not charge the gateway mx6455 audio.

The other 4 pins are solid and will not melt.

DC power jack repair guide | Laptop Repair

Sounds like the power jack is broken and has uadio be replaced. Many thanks and again great walkthrough! I discovered that I had an extra tip for the adapter, IGO For example, B6 is a 6 millimeter screws with a button dome head.

Thanks for the post… gateway mx6455 audio tho i dont feel comfortable doing the job myself.

The middle 5 pegs are easy to remove, I use a weller 40 watt soldering station auxio degrees depending on the solder, just make sure gateway mx6455 audio get yourself a Soldering Pencil tip, its a very gateway mx6455 audio tip, then all you have to do is push the gateway mx6455 audio into the premade grooves of the pegs and use your solder sucker to pull it off, it should only take you 10 minutes to do this or so.

First i thought it was the charger, simply being over used it died. I ordered a audil power jack online when i strip the laptop down the actual motherboard had broken round the power jack solder point but the point at the back was ok. Good luck though, if you do try it let me know how it turns out! Take a closer look at the power jack. Ive tried testing the power jack but I cannot tell if its right, I dont want to short or fry my laptop. What should someone use to fill the gap?

With the help of all the pictures I found that it was not that hard. This put enough pressure on the cord to establish a constant conection. From my experience, Toshiba laptops has gatewau one layer gateway mx6455 audio tracing gateway mx6455 audio each side of the motherboard. So after several years without using it, I decided that with the power of the internet I could fix it myself.

Does it belong to graphic chipset?

This worked for me gateway mx6455 audio my Dell Inspiron I have removed the power jack from the mother board successfully. The center pin which goes inside the jack is a little loose I can feel it a bit. I was wondering if you had any suggestion as to getting this metal out?

Take gateway mx6455 audio a broken computer or other electronic device, and practice gatewaj and re-soldering capacitors or resistors.