Kantang walang s dello

Mainstream acts like Gloc-9 and Loonie have decent tracks as well. Also, other asian countries have broken their local sphere. If I am not mistaken loonie even said like "kakaiba pa din kasi pag live eh. Obviously haven't heard our underground rappers yet. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Liber null and psychonaut

Mindless adherence to religion is not responsible for at least half the madness and violent deaths of history. Automatic drawing or writing, where a stylus is allowed to move under inspiration across a surface, may help to uncover the nature of a clairvoyantly discovered being. Until we find evidence to the contrary. As the material base is being compounded, the magician does everything possible with concentration, visualization, and gnostic exaltation to imprint his desire into it. Like attracts like, the principle of similarity.

Myrath hope

Those harshest shouts are practically death growls: There are so many influences and details in this song that I could listen to it over and over again and still discover something new each time I do so. The title track "Hope" still convinces with some unusual riffs and a few exotic folk vibes but the middle part sounds too traditional.


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