Bbc janala book

No, I am sorry, but I am visiting my cousin. Alex will be angry. Laboni, I lost my phone, so I have a new one. Can I speak to Zara, please? I would like some tea and a sandwich, please.

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Can I have your passport, please? My name is Cooper. A series of English in Action EIA introductory workshops have taken place across Bangladesh, marking the commencement of th Where are you from, Zara?

How much is the mango?

Alex Kamal Alex Kamal Can 1 have a cup of tea, please? Can I borrow your pen, please? Where are you from?

Alex thinks Kamal a good student. I see my friends on.

BBC Janala English Learning Book Part 3

Can I also borrow some paper, please? Extranet Login Bopk Site Map. Zara, are you free on Friday? What is the Friend: Can you her that Munmun called?

This is your key n. What is the problem?

Would you like to play football? I ate too much fruit. No, I said Tom. And you are Yusuf? And when does our lesson finish? What are you doing tomorrow? When does it finish? Can I use your phone, please?

BBC Janala English Learning Book

That is a very good reason. Can I use your phone' D ; o-'b, 8-R, t-? Alex has a notebook and pen. I am nanala, but she is not here. Can I have your passport?

BBC Janala English Learning Book Part For Bengali | Bookzone

Tea with milk, but no sugar, please. It is in the south-east of Bangladesh. I am sorry, I am busy. Do you like some coffee?

Alex Where shall we meet? Alex That is a good idea.

I am from London.

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