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Retrieved from " https: The group landed a distribution contract with Caroline Distribution in , and SouthernUnderground was the first project re-released after inking the deal with Will Rap For Food being re-released shortly thereafter in Together, they began producing for artists such as Devin the Dude and Immortal Technique , among others. The group also released the mixtapes Sloppy Seconds Vol.

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Retrieved 2 October Retrieved on November The LP was curated entirely by the group's fans who gave feedback on and suggested ideas for song cunnihlynguists, features, packaging, and artwork. Deacon Villain of CunninLynguists". Hype gave the album a five star review describing it as "the best album of the last 12 months".

Performing live in You know how we do I mean, you probably don't know how we do but you're about to find out. Riddles confusing fools, like Confucian rules Cos most cats are more squared than Rubik's Cubes We spit raps that are totally murderous The rhymes are like an anaconda serpent clutch So check out how these herbs get touched Unless your broads giving us brains Nigga you ain't servin us Deacon and Kno, cunning lynguists with stunning English Our true lies bring more pumps than Harry Rehnquist Every week with the best speech Roll with cats who smoke more trees than the flash and burn techniques Sex, beats, between bed sheets Red fleets, Pulp Fiction style leaving your car with red seats We make like fly swatters and smash pests Put peeps under more pressure than a Kelly Price bed set Keep your bodies looking like samples for the Rorscach Test Ink blots, so fuck around and get your team rocked Jugga's in the back with the beam cocked Gots to have everything between L.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog. Following several conversations of working together, the two first planned an EP where Kno was only producing and Deacon was rhyming, but soon Kno contributed as an emcee as well.

Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. The name is a wordplay on cunninlynguist term " Cunnilingus ", an oral sex act performed on a person with a vagina.

Lynguistics by CunninLynguists

At the group's beginning, members Kno and Deacon lynhuistics more on energetic wordplay and outlandish rhymes, but at times deep and passionate material, such as "Mic Like a Memory" or "Family Ties" from Will Rap For Food.

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The group landed a distribution contract with Caroline Distribution inand SouthernUnderground was the first project re-released cunninlynfuists inking the deal with Will Rap For Food being re-released shortly thereafter in This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Like wha, like wha Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist?

Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair.

Lynguistics by CunninLynguists Song Statistics |

The group's debut LP, Will Rap for Foodwas released in Octoberand was described by Pitchfork Media as "a solid, accessible debut, filled with clever rhymes and tremendously consistent production". Julyqn5. Archived from the original cunninltnguists 16 October LexingtonKentuckyUS.

Club commented on Kno's "masterful, adventurous production". The same year, CunninLynguists' lexicon was also found to be one of the richest among rappers who perform in English.

SOS left the group on peaceful terms.

CunninLynguists - Wikipedia

Kno and Lynvuistics the Villain are the founding and current members of CunninLynguists and have been found on every CunninLynguists album thus far since the group's inception in March Show no mercy For rules and crews You hit with more bricks than new? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On December 21, the group released the artwork and announcement cunninlunguists the March 22 release date of their fifth album Oneirology on their Facebook page.

DiBella of Allmusic commented on "a lyrical deftness and genuine feel for the music rarely seen in the bling-conscious rap of the latter-day era".

Throughout CunninLynguists' career, they have collaborated with a wide array of other notable artists, such as Anna Wise[36] Aesop Rock[37] Big K. Together, they began producing for artists such as Devin the Dude and Immortal Techniqueamong others. Views Read Edit View history.

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