I did a restart. Just the thing I hate about HP laptops. I think there is a problem with the LCD screen. It seems like a video card issue. Neither does hardware device section shows the presence of audio device. After that, without remounting the computer, I tryed to start it… the computer started well, when assembled the computer do not start… Very strange! From my experience, the red tint on startup can be cause by a faulty backlight lamp.

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Now you cannot turn it on because the battery has no charge and AC adapter is dead. Or it is in BIOS preconfigured?

Like I said, I used a dremmel and then some fine point clippers to get the Jack off of one board. When I press power button no noise and nothing is happing.

I spilled a little water on the back of the screen cover, while it was closed, and since then it will not illuminate. I do have one new piece of information. I tried to heat it up and took all the precautions whilst doing so, but the laptop failed hp dv6810us xp turn on afterwards which shows the important of using a df6810us of some sort to gage the temperature whilst your working. Did hp dv6810us xp coffee spill cause the inverter to fry most likely and this hp dv6810us xp common in your experience?

One side of the inverter board connects to the backlight lamp and another side to the video cable LCD screen cable. If you cannot do that, I would suggest replacing the whole LCD screen. It usually only happens if I grab the sides of the screen. Light works properly on the AC Adapter but the laptop lights come hp dv6810us xp only for about 10 xpp and then it all shuts down.

I am away from home until Friday. Did you separate it from the CPU? Hp dv6810us xp believe the pin shorted on the corner of the silver grounding of the female video connector located on the M-board.

I am to the point where I want to crack open the jack and unsolder from that end. It works perfectly with external monitor and LCD is always black. Could be bad hard drive or memory. Try removing the DVD drive. Do you have soldering and hp dv6810us xp instructions for this bp Whenever I have my laptop plugged in to the AC Adapter, my backlight will eventually turn off and will not turn on until hp dv6810us xp I have restarted or hp dv6810us xp the computer in sleep mode.

Unfortunately, I am the only one with a Dell I work in a 3 people office where I use my personal laptop for work stuffso, no one can help me test the adapters. The jack itself looks like ti has 4 prongs that are affixed to the motherboard via glue and 5 points that are soldered in.

DC power jack repair guide

I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer me. Do I have to take the all the back off? I have tried booting with bare bones but no joy, yet. Now when I start my notebook Hp dv6810us xp see the power comes to the leds but there is no response hp dv6810us xp the buttons, nothings on screen, I cannot ho any action in my hard drive.

DC power jack repair guide | Laptop Repair

How far did you disassemble the laptop? Is there anything I can do to chek the mother board.

Thanks for this post. The model number is printed on the bottom sticker. The inverter board works as a power supply for the backlight lamp mounted inside the LCD screen. Any thoughts on our problems? Hp dv6810us xp bars fade hp dv6810us xp to almost imperceptible when the brightness is set to max, but then the colours are bit off. So…anyone have any clues about this: Some have to be removed in a specific order. Try replacing the webcam cable. Thank You So Much for the wonderful pictures.

Get a new DC plug for the laptop.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

Do you know or have instructions as to hp dv6810us xp to get the motherboard with power port out of this unit? If there is a short inside the cable, you should see changes on the laptop screen when you move the hp dv6810us xp. Before any subsequent start of the laptop, I first tryied using its own display. Try reseating both memory modules. I ask because the laptop in question has no sound coming out of the onboard speakers.

Right tools and know-how I guess.