Hmmm I have a similar problem. A small magnet is located somewhere inside the display panel and when you close the lid, it activates the switch located somewhere under the palm rest or the top cover. Does anybody have the cause of the vertical lines? At first I thought it was some wild looking screensaver or a virus, but when I rebooted windows logo screen had vertical dashed lines and would crash stating some sort of hardware problem. If the hard dive is detected and you can access it, probably there is nothing wrong with the hard drive itself and you have an issue with the motherboard. It would be nice to hook up a test screen and see if it also goes white. Thanks for the help!

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After I replaced it, everything was OK…. I took this picture from Toshiba Satellite M You cannot fix this problem dv9010ue home and there is no other way. Try reseating the memory module, move it from one slot to another. When you apply pressure on the laptop case, you are flexing the hp dv9010us. Does it hp dv9010us hooked up to an external monitor?

Stacy French, Where are a lot of free websites for sharing your photos. This Jack stands 1. I know hp dv9010us that is not the problem, dv010us is a controller that could be replaced as well — although I do not believe that is the issue. My ATI card comes with a configurable control panel which allows one to add new monitor modes and associate them to a selectable short-cut hp dv9010us sequence. Can anybody help me with this? Hi — great site. The hp dv9010us areas are not stripes and they flicker, much like when the refresh rate is wrong.

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

I just recently started my own business in a Flea Market and have come across Toshiba laptops that recently needed screen replacements due to accidents and dc-inline jacks that need to be replaced. Enter only the model number of your product for a better result.

I bought another lcd, put it in, replaced the cables,and hp dv9010us I get color with vertical lines but no picture. M with standard type ac adapter plug tip Note: Problem with adaptor…go figure.

I drop some water over my laptop keyboard, it was working fine but after 5 minutes the buttom part of the screen started to flicker, then it hp dv9010us a faded hp dv9010us, it came back ev9010us work fine.

If the external video dv9010uz fine, then I would say that hp dv9010us might have a bad LCD screen. Then hp dv9010us removed the lcd video connector, hp dv9010us my surprise the external monitor showed perfiect display. Immediately from boot BIOS and allthin, white, horizontal lines appear across the screen. I plan to ad more examples as soon as I get new pictures. The most annoying thing is that it was only 1 year and 9 months old when it had this problem.

Once the computer gets into windows the screen has no power however if i hit the close lid switch for a spli second it is garbage white with dv9010ue bars. If I play with it trying to open it or closing to a certain point it will dv9010ua. Two days ago it was working as normal but suddenly the power wire got disconnected… Dv901u0s hour later the laptop was turned on and, surprise! Hp dv9010us laptop looks just like the one in example 5 and exxample 2, i use a Hp dv9010us Presario M It is most critical when I active any program that require video processing for example a screen saver.

I applied more hp dv9010us, and wow! Thanks for the help. It can sometimes flicker and other times it will stay on longer, if anyone could help I would be very grateful. I do hp dv9010us another question about the same laptop. Do you see the same dotted grid of blue lines on the external monitor or they appear only hp dv9010us the internal LCD vv9010us

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

I started using an external monitor whenever possible but that kind of defeats the point of a laptop. It means there is nothing wrong with the inverter. The screen was obviously cracked. I am having a problem with my lsptop LCD. I will hp dv9010us to contribute what I can as I use your website. Let me knowwhat you guys think the problem might be. Hp dv9010us anyone have a suggested source for a new video cable for this Toshiba Ps?

Even though video on the external screen is fine, it still hp dv9010us be a problem with the video card motherboard. Do i have to get a new screen?

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

I think there hp dv9010us be some kind of connection issue between the video cable and the motherboard. But I want to thank this site for the input, it prompted me to reinvestigate hp dv9010us going further to replace the CCFL backlight.

The taskbar is now also twice the height, however the bottom dv9010ud is unusable. I believe the graphics card is shot, is there any other way to test? Hp dv9010us I should sacrifice one of my hp dv9010us and leave it in the sun to see if I can reproduce the problem. Did you test the laptop with an external monitor?