I hope this helps others in the future. But when its not your own machine, every minute you spend on someone else problem is either direct money out of your pocket, or a minute you could be spending on your own pursuits of things that do not frustrate you ;. I could of saved myself quite a bit of money by just ordering a new one at the 30 min or hour mark. Solutions Learn More Through Courses. I fail to understand why your so frustrated over this.. Sign in with Google. Have you physically taken it out and checked who makes the actual chipset?

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Linksys LNE100TX on windows vista x64 sp1

Not meaning to criticize you dude, I have given you my honest opinion on the options. Sign up with Facebook.

I would of spent like 2 minutes on it, which is what it took to find that thread and multiple stated worked, etc. Why would you buy him a wireless card? But not sure why people would lie in the thread, everyone in that thread says the drivers worked from my quick read linksys lne100tx windows 7 it. Windows 7 Windows 7. Either way you clearly have spent way to much time linksys lne100tx windows 7 it already and again in my opinion every continued minute linksts spend winodws it is just more winddows out of your pocket.

Posted June 26, From this thread sure looks like the drivers posted should work. I have literally tried everything I’ve ben at this for 6 hours!!!! Tell the customer what the card costs, add your linksys lne100tx windows 7 of doing the ordering for him, tell him you need his money upfront to place the order since your not in the business of floating out cash.

He is very cash strapped as well. So seems like you have something else wrong. Posted June 27, Um ” I’ve ben at this for 6 hours!!!! Solutions Learn More Through Courses.

That could help a liinksys in tracking down a linksys lne100tx windows 7 that works. I tried the official latest version and no worky. I gotta get this working for a client and I’ve tried several drivers. Have you physically taken it out and checked who makes the actual chipset?

Drivers for Linksys lnetx PCI card

Every single minute you spend further on it is just linksys lne100tx windows 7 out of your pocket and adding to your frustration. The gist of what I’ve read here is that there was no solution to the issue of older hardware not being supported, due to the manufacturer dropping the ball on drivers. Posted November 29, The card is not officially supported for that OS. If the driver you found where people have stated it works, does not work.

Linksys LNE100tx ethernet card-PCI

I’ve been at this for 6 hours!!!! Are you are experiencing a similar issue? This thread is quite old, so I’m going to close it. We will never share this with anyone. Sign In or Sign Up. I might just have to linksys lne100tx windows 7 him the real deal then: