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Such approach allows to divide the tables into the logical blocks and makes them more intuitive: The support is provided by DHTMLX development team, who completely knows the dhtmlx components and all their distinctive features. JavaScript Spreadsheet component is an open source spreadsheet widget written in pure JavaScript that allows you to quickly add an Excel-like, editable data table on a web page. Dynamic loading To increase the performance of your Gantt Chart, you may enable dynamic loading mode to make the tasks load level by level as the user scrolls the page. Commercial License 1 month of upgrades.

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The rows in such views can be filtered by the values of the specified column. Project and milestones task types PRO Edition allows you to unite tasks into Projects that will have the duration of all the child tasks.

Commercial License PRO if exists. We don't make you to purchase 10 licenses if you have just 3 developers in a team. You can activate the possibility of merging cells. When the payment is confirmed, you will receive a link to download the purchased product s.

However, it's a free add-on to the Complete bundle. Auto scheduling This feature allows you to navigate the project without setting the specific dates of each task as the tasks are scheduled automatically based on dependency links between them. Enterprise license with Premium Support Free. Split Tasks Splitting tasks is an ability dhtmmlxsuite divide tasks into subtasks and switch between the 'split mode' and 'tree mode' of task display whenever needed, what gives much more flexibility in task management.

dhtmlxGantt PRO Features Overview

The PRO version of the library provides support for different keyboard mappings which can help users to work with grids the way as they used to work. With this lightweight and fast component, your data will be represented in a clear and intuitive way.

Sub-grids allows you to integrate two dhtmlxGrid instances together. Resellers Find a local reseller to purchase a license.

javascript - Populating a DHTMLx TreeGrid using XML - Stack Overflow

Note that the Gantt is a standalone product and isn't a pto of dhtmlxSuite library. So from the above you can see that I want the column called 'Tree' to be the actual tree on this grid.

You can get actual state of the dhtmlxGrid using the serialization feature. What kind of help will we get in case of any problems? Do not wait for official bug fixes releases We provide emergency bug fixes with Enterprise license.


Licenses This table shows different licenses for dhtmlxSuite and included componentsdhtmlxScheduler, dhtmlxVault, dhtmlxGantt, dhtmlxSpreadsheet, dhtmlxPivot, and dhtmlxDiagram: Click here to purchase separate components. View sample Frozen columns feature allows you to separate the table into two parts. This feature might be helpful if you work with two portions of related data and don't want to switch back and forth between different pages:.

Adios to Winter Bash Set any additional elements to the timeline area. In-cell editors You can use collapsible sub-rows that can present some extra data related to a row in the grid.

To use multi-line footers, you have to get the PRO Edition. Enterprise License 1 year included. When you decide to choose a JavaScript library for your project app, websiteask yourself the following questions:.

Difference between dhtmlxSuite Standard and dhtmlxSuite PRO Editions

Using the PRO version, you'll have the ability to add and remove columns from the grid part directly from the UI. It's not about us. Frozen columns feature allows you to separate the table into two parts.

If you work with big amounts of data thousands of recordsit can be pretty annoying to scroll the list all the way down to find the proper record. Colspan and rowspan features work the same way as in HTML tables. Connector for single component.

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