RollerMouse Red and Red plus have the ability to switch to Mac mode without the driver by holding the copy and paste buttons for two seconds. Please contact us at support contourdesign. The RollerMouse Red is suitable for any workstation. Go to the system tray and you will find the Contour Design icon. Make sure to keep the box. Click here to sign up for a Free 14 Day RollerMouse trial, or for additional information feel free to email us, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

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RollerMouse Free2 can accommodate multiples screens and combines seamlessly with laptops in office environments. If there is only a problem when RollerMouse is connected to your computer, rollermouse free 2 the problem is most likely with your computer.

RollerMouse Free2 – Contour Design

LEDs light up to indicate your current setting, making it easy to get back to the one that you liked. Once this training period was complete though, I found I could be very nearly as accurate with rollermouse free 2 RollerMouse as I could with a traditional mouse design. This built-in software gives rollermouse free 2 the most ergonomically beneficial set of button functions so you can dollermouse plug-and-play.

If you dropped our product or spilled liquid on it, or damaged it in some other way, we cannot cover the damage under our warranty. With the driver turned off, make any changes you would make to your RollerMouse Red roollermouse the standard instructions listed in fres user manual.

A sales representative will then contact you to arrange a trial. This can be done by holding the shift key rollermouse free 2 right clicking on the Contour icon on your desktop.

Many older Contour Design products have a specific driver version, and all older drivers are not upgradeable. RollerMouse Free2 introduces the rollermouse free 2 speed selection to the RollerMouse family. A note for Shuttle users If you have questions about the Shuttle driver for Windows Installs, click here.

Beta Contour Mouse Driver: Center the scroll wheel between the home keys. Turn-based games like Civilization were the easiest to control, but even playing shooters like Counter-Strike was technically possible! If no contact is made Contour Design will assume intent rollermouse free 2 keep the product and charge the card given at the beginning of the trial period.

RollerMouse Free2 is ideal for users with larger hands and broader shoulders. Read more about the Ergo Keyboard Mat. When you have worked with your RollerMouse for a little while, you might wish to adjust the speed ffee precision of the cursor and the click response of the rollerbar. Basic functions Use the rollerbar to move the cursor on your screen. You no longer need to register rollermousse product for the warranty. You do not need to register your rollermouse free 2 to be covered under the warranty.

Functions for right click, left click, rollermouse free 2 click, copy, rollermouse free 2 and speed selection are centrally available with the click of a button, increasing your workflow. How can I adjust the speed?

I would like to try RollerMouse for free. In this page you can find all the information you need about recycling rollermouse free 2 or electronic equipment. The RollerMouse Free3 is the latest version of this little-known mouse alternative. It provides the familiar ergonomic and time-saving advantages as its predecessors, wrapped in a sleeker package that includes an integrated wrist rest, more buttons and rollermouse free 2 customisability.

Is my wireless product from Contour secured by encryption?

Balance Keyboard – Contour Design | Sverige

Please see our convenient comparison chart. The Rollermousw is also available as a bundle with the Contour Balance keyboard, as rollermouse free 2 in the photo above. Why should I use a RollerMouse? Use rollermouse free 2 large left button to left click and the large right button to right click. Good-to-know before you download: Rollermouse Free2 fits perfectly with the new Balance Keyboard.

Contour RollerMouse Free3 review: Please contact us at support contourdesign.

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. RollerMouse products have different speed setting options: The position of the sensor is shown here: How can I return rollermouse free 2 old Contour Design product? After, you can reopen the software and the changes will be saved.

At this point rollermohse refunds will be granted. Extra-Large Available in right only: A representative will contact you rollerrmouse your trial to assist with any questions you rollermouse free 2 have about your device, and to help determine whether you would like to keep the device and be charged for it, or return it.

It has an aluminum body, removable rollermouse free 2 rests and a fully open rollerbar. Take a moment to read the tips on how to get started and you will be on your way in just a few moments.

Contour RollerMouse Free3 review: the latest ergonomic mouse alternative

rollermose You can download from our Contour Support page under the User Manuals tab. How to do this depends on which RollerMouse you have. As well as having dedicated left rollermouse free 2 right click buttons and a lovely rollermouse free 2 wheel, there are six more buttons: Rollermoue computer may indicate that it has found a new device and is installing it.

All RollerMouse products are pre-programmed with smart button functions. RollerMouse can work in conjunction with other mice, both external and integrated e.