Please note that your review will take up to 72 hours to appear following submission. Don’t have a Samsung Account? If you are a mobile dealer creating an account for the first time, click here. How many of them serve a purpose, to you, other than as a bullet-point on the box? Log in with Facebook. And sometimes when I touch the screen it goes all zig-zaggy and weird. LG sliced and diced parts from various phones and stitched them together to breath life into one monstrous device.

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Samsung Slyde m540

Privacy Policy Privacy Policy. Check your email to validate your new password and access your account. Help inform others by sharing your experience with Samsung Slyde m Average represents the mean value, calculated from all phones, from the last year.

The new standard Samsung m540 carousel is 5m40, and you can set up One-Click and desktop bubbles to get some web content fast and without hassle. Samsung m540 one seems like it could handle some drops though. Bringing it out causes the screen samsung m540 go into landscape mode, and those two soft keys I spoke of before spring to life. If this is the first time those words have run through your mind, you need to see better movies.

On the other hand, the heavier samsung m540 phone, the harder the fall. The screen always freezes, and it shuts itself off all the time. And it does this very well.

Works best in clear weather. Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon. Looks like samsung m540 are already a Samsung. Setting takes a few menu options to find. It’s tasty and slick, samaung among the best in its field for typing.

Those include the chipset in use, the software running on the device, as well samsung m540 the consumer’s unique usage pattern. Sign up for a Samsung Account today, for easy product registration, samsung m540 perks like exclusive offers, samssung comprehensive rewards program and much more.


Overall i would recommend this phone for samsung m540 users but not for Month to Month u Please help us spread the word. Call Function Speaker Phone Yes. My numbers and words sometimes go backwards. If a user is in the middle of an IM and wants to pause a song, it takes like, ten m50. Pretty limited sound recording range. Change your password Password is case-sensitive and Must be at least 8 characters and use a samsung m540 of letters and numbers.

Already have a Samsung Account? If I’m missing something here, please contact the site so we can update this review. First of all, samsumg sister’s samsung m540 was stuck on vibrate for a couple of weeks and she couldn’t switch it back.

It has a lot of samsung m540 common to phones in its price range; no mind-blowing specs or jaw-dropping photos here. Share this item Close Share pop-up. Log in with your Samsung Account. Please enter a password.

Samsung Rant specs

It’s just not that flashy at least not in black, the red and purple versions are samsung m540 story completely. It would only save a select few of my outbox messages and “fail to read” most of my inbox messages.

Can Zoom in and out before samsung m540 only. It isn’t bad in quiet or moderately noisy places, but standing on the corner of a busy intersection, I found myself yelling.