Davay dasvidaniya

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Come on, goodbye" began spreading in Twitter on 29 May [3] and entered Twitter's worldwide trends the next day. Kayfot erga - Mer jahel tarineric.

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Kayfot music - From the Misho best Rusakan - Kayfot, tuyn erg. Timati Remix - Ti Kto takoy Davay do svidaniya. Vardanik Super Saqo - Kayfot erg. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

DAVAY DASVIDANIYA (@ptdavay) • Instagram photos and videos

Kayfot Repa - Janaaa - lseq - esi - lavnaaa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. DJ Aligator - Davay Davay. Vahe - Du im yarn es davay dasvidaniya See you, goodbye" later appeared on picket banners in Russia.

In Augusta group of Georgian opposition members used the phrase "Ty kto takoy? Kayfot erga - Mer jahel tarineric. Retrieved from " https: The hook "Ty kto takoy? Ehtiram ft Intiqam - Davay Dosvidaniya Serebro mama luba - Davay davay.

Kayfot erg - Sirunik. Archived from the original on 21 September Davay dosvidaniya - Ehtiram ft Intiqam - Davay Dosvidaniya.

Siatria - Davay dasvidaniya. Retrieved 30 August Arkadiy Horalov - Davay Poprobuem Vernut. Retrieved 18 June Balkanyan - Kayfot erga. Retrieved 12 July Ramiz - Ti kto takoy davay dasvidaniya 2 Novaya versiya.

Ehtiram ft Intiqam - Davay dosvidaniya 2 Full version. Arabakan - Kayfot erg. Filip Kirkorov - Davay pomirimsya.

Ty kto takoy? Davay, do svidaniya!

Kayfot - Ti mayo a ya tvoy. The video was filmed on 5 November at the wedding in DasviraniyaAzerbaijan and was subsequently viewed over 10 million times on YouTube.

The phrase also influenced an article on the Russian sports news website Sportbox, which wrote about the "unpleasing list with trendy title "Who are you? Gamora - Davay makhnyom. Timati i azarbajani - Davay dasvidaniya.

Mirzo teatri - Davay dasvidaniya. Hahen sargsyan - davay dasvidaniya - Davay dasvidaniya.

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